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Not only is she an extremely talented healer, she is also super intelligent (don't let her fool you lol) and an exceptional writer. She helped with my business in so many facets from branding, content generation, writing key material for my website, brochures, and product descriptions for my skincare line. Christina is such a hard worker, leads from her heart and wants the very best for all her clients.


She has depth, empathy and no judgement... just questions about how I want to see my future, what I value and what makes sense to me and a baby step plan going forward... because that’s where I am! She’s amazing!!!


Her spiritual guidance and meditations helped me redirect my energy and shift my light and way of thinking. Only after a couple months we had a breakthrough in our marriage and it’s better than ever! I wouldn’t have made it through without Chrissie’s help. She’s amazing and beautiful inside and out and a joy to be around.